Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Remembering 9/11

Today I discussed 9/11 with my kindergarten students.  What a tough topic to talk about!  We started off by watching part of the video on BrainPop.  (I stopped when they started to define Terrorism, and I just did that with my own Kindergarten words.)  We then watched a short clip on Discovery Video Streaming from the actual day.   In this clip the students got to see the "real" helpers from that day.  We focused on talking about who was there to help when those people were hurting!!  The students were very engaged, and we had a great discussion.  The lesson ended with a craft from Rachel Lamb, The Tattooed Teacher (http://mrslambsclass.blogspot.com).  The kids loved building the Twin Towers, and we left with this thought,  we will ALWAYS REMEMBER those GREAT HELPERS who were there for us on that very sad day.


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