Thursday, September 13, 2012

Make It Grow & A Kansas Sunflower Story

We have been working on our living and non-living unit.  Right now we are talking about plants and plant parts.  We talk about what these living things need, about how they will grow and change, and finally we get the chance to watch a plant grow.   Once the kids understood that if we planted our seeds in soil, we would not see the roots grow, they took off!  First we investigated our seeds, then we soaked them in water, and finally we put them on a paper towel (our pretend dirt) to watch them grow.  I asked them what they thought would be the first thing to grow on our seeds, and boy were they happy when their prediction was correct.....the roots!!  Five days later we had roots, a stem and leaves.

Day 1                      Day 5

In the book we read Gus Grows a Plant, Gus plants a sunflower.  Well, here in Kansas, we have sunflowers everywhere right now.  Gus grows a very big sunflower! 

 I told the kids that I had a sunflower at my house that was bigger than me.  They couldn't believe it.  So what did any good teacher do, I brought it in.  They loved it.

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