Sunday, September 8, 2013

Ready, Set, Move!

Sometimes you just need to get up and move!!!  This great little game, Ready, Set, MOVE, from Smile Makers gets you up and moving.  The game includes 25 colored foam mats and 3 activity dice (one with colors, one with numbers 1-6, and one with different exercises).

My kiddos sure had a blast.  This was our first time to use the game, and my brain was already thinking about how I could use it again.  We played one of the suggested games.  I placed the colored foam mats around my classroom and started our music.  When the music stopped, the kids found a dot.  Then we rolled the 3 dice.  The students on the rolled color performed the activity that was rolled how ever many times the dice told them.  Ohhhhhhh, they loved rolling the dice.   I gave them instructions to pass the dice to a friend when the music started, and we were off moving again!!!

Just think about all the possibilities!!!  I can work on colors, sorting, number identification, and counting.  This game was a great addition to my classroom, and I can use it all together or just use the parts I need for other various learning activities and games.
(Look at us sort at the end while we were picking everything up!!)

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