Thursday, November 1, 2012

Symmetry & Tape?????

How do you teach symmetry?  I just love to make my kids laugh, so I get out the masking tape!  We start with some objects on the board, drawing lines, etc ......  finding the line of symmetry.  Then we move to the fun part, people.  I bring up a child that I know will not mind if I "tape them up."   I reiterate that both sides have to look the same.  Can we do this with a person?  Yeah ..... and the fun begins! :)
After we finish the "working" part of our lesson, we move on to some more fun.  Painting!   We seem to paint a lot in my room.  :0) lol  I have the kids paint what ever they want on one side of the paper, and then we fold it.  Magic!  A line of symmetry.
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