Tuesday, October 30, 2012

What is in the Witch's Soup?

We are getting ready for Halloween, so we read a cute little story called Spooky Hour.  This book works on counting backwards with numbers 1-12.  My kids love to count the "spooky things" on each page, just to make sure the illustrator didn't mess up!  :)  I made this cute little game to go with the story.  What is in the Witch's Soup?

This game has the kids in pairs with two dice.  Each person will roll, count the dots, and color the matching number in the Witch's soup.  The first person to fill the Witch's bowl wins.  I tell them that if they roll a number that they have already colored in, then just pass the dice to their partner.  They are just soooo amazed when they roll a number twice, or three times, or four times.......  hahaha  :)

You can download this little freebie from my TPT store.  Have fun and Happy Halloween!

What is in the Witch's Soup?


  1. What a cute book I have but have never read! Guess what I am doing tomorrow!! I am your newest follower. We are about on the same timeline for new blogs....come on over and check me out too!


  2. Thank you!! I will definitely hop over! I hope your kids had fun! :)

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    1. Thanks Cheryl! I hope you kids had a great Halloween!

  4. Really interesting to read. Thanks for posting! My child is learning Kindergarten and i am happy that she is very interested in it.