Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Pin the Tail on the Turkey

Wow!  It is almost here.  Our school received the National Blue Ribbon award this year, and in a few days several of us are off to Washington, DC! I can't wait.

Soooo, I have been busy getting stuff ready for my substitute and Thanksgiving.  I just finished this cute little Thanksgiving Mini-Literacy unit, Pin the Tail on the Turkey.  It works on CVC words, beginning sounds, and ending sounds.  The little turkeys are missing their tails, and the students have to find them and match them up.  :0)

My kids did one of the pages today (CVC words), and they were so excited.  "Mrs. Rucker, did you know I can read!" (Said as a statement......not as a question.)   Love it!  :0)  Click here to find this at my TPT store.

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