Sunday, December 7, 2014

Christmas Crunch Cereal Freebie

Do your kiddos love eating during a lesson?  Mine do and it keeps them sooooo engaged.  Here is a great little graphing activity you can do in your classroom to celebrate the Christmas season while enjoying a little snack too.  Just find a box of Christmas Crunch cereal, download this little freebie, and you are set. Your kids will be sorting, counting, graphing and completely engaged right before your eyes. 
Click on the pictures above to download this yummy little freebie!

The angels rejoiced singing the savior has been born today.


  1. Yeah my both kiddos love eating during a lesson. Thanks for sharing great activity here which my kids can enjoy while having snack. I am going to discuss this with my kid’s Phoenix kindergarten teachers too.

  2. That’s just wonderful for any class. I liked it a lot. is also a great place to get activity inspirations and other downloadable printable, coloring books and text books for the classroom students. These resources help them learn a lot of things quite easily.