Sunday, February 16, 2014

Crossword Puzzle Fun Freebie

We did it!!!! We learned all 44 sounds in the English language.  Now we are ready to begin our 5 week short vowel review and our 5 week long vowel review.   We will focus on 1 vowel sound a week in phonics and build words centered around that vowel.

My kids love it when I give them a challenge, so why not do it with something that "big" people do - Crossword Puzzles.  This fun set, Crossword Puzzle Phonics Fun Set 1, includes words for all 5 short vowels and all 5 long vowels.  Some of my kiddos are ready to spell the words out all by themselves, but some still need a little help.  Each vowel sound has a crossword puzzle with 5 words and matching picture clues in two different versions: with and without a word bank.    
To find the entire Crossword Puzzle Phonics Fun set, click on the pictures above.

I thought it would be fun to celebrate with a freebie.  To download the Short A and Long A FREEBIE pages, click on the link below!  

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