Sunday, September 22, 2013

We Are Learning Our Letters - Yeah

We have learned 10 letters so far, and the fun has just begun!!  On Friday we played a great little game, "Does My Letter Say....?"  I tell the kiddos, like every great teacher, that I have eyes in the back of my head!!! Heheheheh  I just smile sooooo big when they laugh and say, "No you don't!  You are just teasing."  Love it!!

Well, since we don't have eyes on the back of our heads we get to play a great little game.  I go over the rules and explain what we will be doing.  One of the most important rules to go over with the kiddos is what they can say.  For the game I tape a letter on each child's back and give them each a letter strip that has the possible letters on it.  They are to go around and ask their friends, "Does my letter make a ___ sound?"  I reinforce "sound."  I do not want them asking if they have an "M" on their back.  They must use the sound.  The helper can only say "Yes" or "No."  If the helper says "yes," then the child circles the letter they think they have and comes to me.  If the helper says "no," then the child crosses of the appropriate letter and finds another helper.

I remind them that I am the only one who can take the letters off, and I can't do it until they tell me the correct letter.

I use my Large Letter Flash Cards for this game.  You see the star version in the picture, but they come in two other versions; blank and with stick kids.  Click on the picture below to find them on TpT. This flash card set includes the following: A-Z uppercase; A-Z lowercase; th, wh, sh, ch, ar, ng, oo, ai, ay, ee, ea, igh, oa, ow, ou, ew, ue, ir, er, ur, or, oy, or, au, aw
They love it!!! They are up moving and learning at the same time, and I love that even more.  What could be better?? :)

"I have brought you glory on earth by finishing the work you gave me to do." John 17:4

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