Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Phrase Cards - High Frequency Words & Fluency

There is great discussion as to when, what, which ones, and how we teach our little kiddos sight words.  We use the Animated Literacy program at my school to teach the 44 sounds in our English language, and I truly believe this program gives our students a solid reading foundation.  We teach two sounds per week, which means we finish all 44 in February.

So when do we teach the "sight" words?   Well, when developing/ revising/updating our Kindergarten curriculum (lol), it was decided that Kindergarten would be responsible for the first 50 "high frequency" words on Fry's list.  Our first grade teachers take the next 150!  :o)

We don't really start "testing" on the high frequency words until 3rd quarter.  1-25 3rd quarter, 26-50 4th quarter, and we added a few other words we commonly saw in our readers or words we thought the kids should know.

These little phrase cards have become very beneficial for my students.  I keep them in the table boxes for when the kids finish work early or for other various times/activities during the day.  They get them out and play games like teacher/student, fan and pick, etc.  They love them  I love them  Not only are they great word "flash cards," the back sides have phrases for the kiddos to work on fluency! 

This resource is available in my TpT store.  I have included words 1-50 from Fry's High Frequency word list, color words and number words.  Click on the link or picture above to find it.   I have printing instructions available in the preview download, plus a list of included words and a freebie set for you to practice printing with.  Look for more sets to come!

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  1. I have just been grappling with this concept this week... Thanks for sharing what you do. & Thanks for your insights. :)

    1. You are welcome!! :o) Thanks for stopping by!