Friday, April 5, 2013

Lessons From a Lemonade Stand

This week worked on Lessons From a Lemonade Stand.  Yeah!!  What a way to welcome in spring and this warm weather.  Even though it actually snowed on Tuesday!!  Eeek.  30 one day, 70 the next......that is Kansas weather for you.

We read Lemonade for Sale, and the kids a lot of fun.  They were very eager for Friday when we got to put up the lemonade stand for our math graphing activity. 

We made 3 different types of lemonade:  regular lemonade, pink lemonade and limeade.  The kids got to try all 3, and they had to pick their favorite kind.   By the looks on their faces, there was definitely a favorite.
Then came the data collection.  What was our favorite kind?  They had their data collection sheet, and I put our class list on the back.  The kids went around and asked each other which kind of lemonade was their favorite.  We used tally marks to collect our data, and then marked off each name as they went around.
After collecting our data, it was time to analyze and graph it.    The worksheets are created in color, but we are conserving ink, so I had the kids color the cups of lemonade with their crayons.  :o)
Yep!! Pink lemonade won!

There are many other great activities in this pack including cupcake graphing, addition, subtraction, story problems, measurement, verbs, adjectives, punctuation, creative writing, CVC, CVCC, CCVC words, alphabetical order, and letter matching.  
When we found the verbs in our sentences, of course we had to act them out.  If you like these lesson ideas and would love to have them for your classroom, please click on the link below.  

"For as the soil makes the sprout come up and the garden causes seed to grow, so the Sovereign Lord will make righteousness and praise spring up before all nations."  Isaiah 61:11

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