Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Build a Sundae & Review

Spring break was wonderful, but it does feel good to be back in the classroom.  I think my kiddos missed me.  We picked up right where we left off before spring break with addition and our long vowel review. I don't think the kids missed a beat

In math today we reviewed addition, and I got out our "real" pennies!  The kids love being the teacher, so I had one student write out an addition problem and his/her partner got to answer it.  Then of course we switch roles.   I had to remind them that they needed to keep their numbers under 10, or I believe I might have seen 1000 +1000!   It is so funny when they learn/hear/memorize simple, but big number addition problems.  hehehehe  :o)

The kids have also gotten soooo excited seeing some of the new addition activities I made for them.  These are from my Build a Sundae, Addition and Subtraction set.  It is amazing how motivated they can get to do a paper when they see something on it they love - ice-cream!  :o)  Yummy!

On this little paper the kids are cutting out the ice cream scoop answer to solve the addition problem.  We also worked with the Build an Ice Cream Cone center set, and the kids built their own ice cream cone addition problems.
We are going to get out the Banana Splits next week! Click here, Build a Sundae - Addition & Subtraction, or on any of the pictures to find this resource on TpT.

This week we are also reviewing "long e."  Now that the kids have figured out how to do our weekly crossword puzzles, from our Crossword Puzzle Phonics Fun set, they are flying through them.   Way to go Kindergarten!  I missed you.

"Children are a gift from the Lord, they are a reward for him."  Psalm 137: 3

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