Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Froot Loop Patterns, Yummy!!!!

I know that it is fall and everyone is excited about Halloween, but we just had to stop and eat!  Froot Loops......yummy!! :)  We have been working on patterns, and there is nothing better than working and eating at the same time.  Yeah!  I love this activity because we can do so many things - sort, make patterns, and count.  The first thing I have the kids do is sort the Froot Loops on their plate.  PS. They are already telling me how to do it because they are sooooo smart.  :)

Then we start in with our patterns.  I tell them the kind of pattern I want, and they get to make it with what ever colors they want.

After we finish each pattern, I have them side the Froot Loops back on their plate and sort again.  Finally..... the time they have all been waiting for  .....  let's eat!  They like to count,  eat 5, eat 3, eat 2 yellows, etc.  This is always so much fun!   Click here to download the fun Froot Loop Pattern page Freebie I just made. (TPT)  A little late (as you can see from my pictures), but you know..... good things come to those who wait.   lol   Sometime I am so inspired after the fact!  hehehe  Plus, it is sooo cute!

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