Friday, October 26, 2012

Count and Write with Me!

We have been working on 1:1 counting and printing for numbers up to 20.  Some of my students are doing really well, but some of them are still unsure about the numbers over 10.  I like to do a lot of our activities in pairs if possible so there is support and encouragement.  
We play a little game called Count and Write with Me.  One student, the "teacher,"  writes down a number between 1 & 20 on a white board.  (We have our number lines with us for support.)  Then they show it to the other person, the "student."  The student has to tell the teacher what the number is and then count out that many objects.  We have a lot of manipulatives in our classroom, so they love it when I tell them they get to pick what objects they will be working with that day. :)
I have them count out loud to their partner, while the partner counts in his/her head and "checks."  If they are right they get a star!  If they are incorrect, then the "teacher" (I have so many great little teachers), help them fix it.  When you tell them they get to be the teacher, their faces just light up

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